Making life easier for other Mama's!

When I was just a girl my Grandma Norma taught me how to sew, the woman could sew anything by hand and make it look like a machine did it! Fast forward a good amount of years and the bank I worked at went through a merger and I became a stay at home mom. When baby number three arrived I began making diapers and diaper bags and sold quite a few for a year or so until the other kids made me so busy I could not sew any more. Fast forward some more years and I am in a much better place in life with a new husband that supports me fully. We have ourselves a baby girl along with the rest of the seven yours and mine. Yes, that is eight children in our home. Most of them are grown, but having this surprise baby has thrown me back into the baby wearing world and I thought I would share some of the stuff I have been making for myself with some other Mamas. I am happy to do customs if you just send me a convo I will see what I can put together. I have been sewing for about thirty years and realized over the last year that it really fulfills me and makes me sleep better.

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